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While your family will enjoy the many benefits of having a beautiful inground pool, the routine weekly maintenance requires time and commitment. It is often a challenge for busy homeowners to maintain not only water balance, but also the pool equipment itself.

It is very important to preserve the proper chemistry of your pool water.  Proper chemical balance of the pool water will ensure a healthy swimming environment for your family, which is why many homeowners choose to have professionals handle the maintenance.

At Douant Pools we offer a variety of weekly and seasonal maintenance packages, to fit the needs of our pool families.

Our professional technicians can help you save time and money. Pool maintenance will extend the life of your pool’s external parts and interior pool finish to ensure longevity for your enjoyment.

Our packages include: 

  • Test and adjust alkalinity, oxidizer and stabilizer levels
  • Remove debris from deck and filters
  • Brush pool walls, floor and vacuum pool
  • Check filter pressure and backwash
  • Check water level and adjust as needed
  • Shock treatments as needed


  • Test and adjust for total dissolved solids and metals
  • Test cyanuric acid levels
  • Chemically clean the filter
  • Conduct langelier saturation
  • Heater Cleaning
  • Pool Opening
  • Pool Closing
  • Water/Snow removal

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