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Douant Pools remodels and repairs inground pools. Our pool professionals have years of combined experience making your vision come to life. We understand clients’ needs and strive to provide you with top-notch customer service. A pool remodel can make a substantial difference in your outdoor living space.

There are many reasons to renovate and update your pool. Converting an older pool to a more energy efficient operation, installing water or lighting features, or saltwater conversions are certainly some of the more popular renovations.

Other items that can instantly transform your older pool include: 

  • Installation of new pool coping and decking
  • Adding a spa or spa repairs
  • Adding or updating pool heater
  • Liner repair or replacement
  • Adding steps or a beach entry
  • Adding a diving board
  • Pathways, steps and lighting around the pool or patio 

Whatever project you decide on, a pool renovation can make an immediate impact on your backyard living environment. 

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